We Work With You


At Exchange Property we believe auctions are the most effective selling strategy for the majority of properties in Sydney's inner west and surrounding suburbs. That’s because they establish a sense of urgency and in doing so, motivate the decision making process.

Property selling campaigns typically occur over four weeks prior to the auction date.

Here’s how we work with you to market your property:

  • Step 1
    • The Exchange team will research your local property market and prepare a market analysis. At our first meeting we will walk through your home with you, making recommendations on how you can present it in the best possible way. We will discuss real estate advertising options and advise you on the best approach for maximizing your properties’ value.

  • Step 2
    • At our next meeting we will discuss and agree on pricing as well as the triggers for adjustments throughout your campaign. At this time we will ask you to sign an agency agreement.

  • Step 3
    • Your property will be photographed by a professional photographer, advertisements will be created by a designer and published in print and on websites. Property signage will be installed to maximize impact.

  • Step 4
    • Your home will be opened for inspection and your assigned property agent will begin building relationships with potential buyers.

      At this stage we will monitor buyer interest, keep you informed of feedback and recommend any adjustments that may need to be made to the anticipated price.

  • Step 5
    • During the first two weeks of the campaign your Exchange Property team will focus on following up inspections, in the process determining serious prospects and providing them with further information. In the final week of the sales campaign we will help interested buyers prepare for the auction, ensuring they know what to expect and are ready to make the purchase.

  • Step 6
    • On the day of the auction we will meet with you and the auctioneer to discuss and agree the vendor bid, if required. Additionally we will talk to each of the prospective buyers and be ready to assist them during the auction of your property.

  • Step 7
    • If your property does not sell at auction, we will facilitate a negotiation between you and the most likely buyer to determine a mutually agreed price. The aim is to have a mutually agreed sales contract signed on the day.