10 years of incredible service

After receiving an offer from my company to work in Dubai in 2008 I was faced with finding a "professional" real estate agent to manage my beautiful fully furnished apartment in Surry Hills. I was really nervous about leaving my quality furniture and artwork there but I was recommended by a friend to Exchange Realty.

Thank you friend! It has been 10 years since then and I have been so delighted with the incredible service from Ian and the whole team over the years that I gave them another apartment to manage a few years later and finally another one last year! In between I met my husband and we intend to live on the Sunshine Coast when we retire. We have properties up there being managed by a number of agencies and not one of them comes anywhere near to the quality and professional service that I have had consistently with Exchange! In fact we have asked them if they would open an office up in Qld as we know it would solve our never ending problems!!

I have never once over ten years had to follow up on anything, inspections are thorough and done regularly and we receive in depth reports and even videos, all our information is easily accessible on line but when I do email a request I get a speedy and professional response. Ian and his team have gone well above and beyond their obligations over the years, assisting with a major renovation of the apartment block even choosing my bathroom tiles and appliances for me at that time which would have been a major stress for me being so far away.

I should have written this review years ago as I have been so happy with them right from Day 1. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to be assured that their property will be well managed and in safe hands. I am pretty sure that when the time comes to sell, they will get my business too as why would I look elsewhere when I have the history to go by?

-Heather Bowen, August 2018

Highly professional

i have known Ian for well over a decade. Over that time Ian has had responsibility for the administration of the tenancy of five of my rental properties. He has also had responsibility for the sale of two of those properties.

Ian has at all times been highly professional and responsive. I would not hesitate to recommended him as an agent for either rentals of sales. In facts having done so previously (to a friend), i know that the recommendation was appreciated as Ian again provided a similar service for that referral.

I wish Ian the very best of luck.

-Peter Gow, April 2018

5 stars

I have had my apartment managed by the team at Exchange for many years. They are very professional, efficient and have really taken the time to make sure that everything is looked after and am updated on the state of my property regularly.

I have nothing but praise for Ian , Maria, Maureen and Kris as they have really made sure that things are taken care of quickly. No question or request is ever a problem and its been a pleasure having them look after my place in Sydney.

The team at Exchange have been nothing but great and would recommend them to anyone considering having their property managed by them. 5 stars Exchange, thanks for all of your help.

-Ramon Cortabitarte, April 2018

Very professional

A Very Professional Organisation: Only today I was compelled to wright a big thankyou to one of the principals of Exchange Property in order the thank them for the great Professional help that has been given to me over the last two years from one of there great staff ,Miss Maria Perez, who is a Relationship Manager.

I have really been treated like a real person that really counts,over my four year involvement with this great Organisation. I will continue recommend Exchange, to anyone that even looks like requiring the great service that they provide.

-Tony Peters


Professional, reliable, efficient, organised

Great Team delivering outstanding results Ian and the Team at Exchange are outstanding -highly professional, reliable, efficient and extremely well organised, be it on the property management side or the sales side.

Nothing is a problem, communication is second to none and there never is a problem - this after more than 10 years! And I have never had a nasty surprise - typically it is a case of 'under-promise and over-deliver'. Things are taken care of in a proactive way and get sorted. Proper management as it should be!

Further, despite the 'noise' on the internet, the information provided by Ian and his Team be it for rental assessments or property valuations can be relied upon 100%. It is always backed up with relevant and direct comparison data. And whatever the base case is Ian and his Team always go above and beyond so you can be assured the best outcome will be achieved given the market circumstances. Would highly recommend!

-Greg Byers


Can be replied upon 100%

I have found Exchange Property Management to be the best agency I have ever dealt with. Initially signing the lease was done thoroughly, efficiently and in a friendly manner. Any issues I have had during the rental period were dealt with promptly. Overall, the most outstanding aspect is that I have been treated with respect. I would recommend Exchange Property Management to any potential tenants.

-Kate Ann Jones


A pleasure to deal with 

I have used Ian and his team for both sales and property management over the past years. I have found Exchange Property Sales & Management a pleasure to deal with, very reliable, honest and professional in their sales and property management teams.

I have  no problems in recommending Exchange Property as I found them very easy to work with over the past years.

- Alan Corcoran


Easy & Professional   

I want to say how happy I am with you and your agency.

Its not often we ever have problems, but whenever we have you and your agency have consistently been above and beyond our expectations.

I’m sure I’ve given similar feedback to you and your team previously but it definitely bears repeating.

If you ever need customer advocacy for landlords etc, feel free to send them my way.

Thank you again.

-Michael Ryan


A breath of fresh air in the real estate game

In 2000 I fell in love, got married and went to live in Turkey for 10 years. 

You know, it was one of those things. So it was time to get my house in order (literally) and transfer my terrace in Surry Hills from a cosy home into a negatively geared financial juggernaut...

I made 6 cold calls to various agents and met with the first 5 only to be left decidedly unimpressed. They all turned up in German cars (you know what I mean) and promised the earth.

Exchange realty (subsequently Exchange Property) turned up in a small, immaculately kept Nissan Pulsar. Already, they were well in front of the pack. While their commission rate was the same, the service level was way in excess of any other real estate agent I had ever experienced. 

I spent 10 years in Turkey and Exchange managed: 

  1. A minor renovation 
  2. A fire that knocked out the entire row of terraces (which originated in my fuse box) 
  3. A break-in and the subsequent insurance claim 
  4. A collapsed roof 
  5. An entire replacement of the boundary fence 
  6. Application and removal of some seriously large trees 
  7. Annual graffiti removal 
  8. Everything that required compliance 
  9. A major renovation 
  10. Annual rental increases 
  11. And only 3 different tenants in a 14 year period! 

On my return from Turkey, I decided to sell. Again, Exchange was more than competitive with their selling proposition so I engaged them. I had to sell prior to the end of the FY 2013/14 which only left us 8 weeks. Within 3 weeks, the team at Exchange had three solid offers which were all above my reserve. I instructed them to take the highest offer. Ian from Exchange said he could do better and suggested we hold a private auction on site and I set the reserve slightly under the highest offer. We did, and he got me an extra 10.5% above the price I had originally instructed them to accept!

Now that's what I call a breath of fresh air in the real estate game.