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To achieve a great price on the sale of your home, Exchange Property Sales uses a five-step real estate sales plan. Download our free Real Estate Sales Guide for all the details on how we would market your property.

So what makes a great real estate sales agent?

Let’s face it, most real estate sales agents in Sydney, if they’re up to date at all, will focus their property marketing efforts on Internet advertising. They’ll commission good photography to show the property in its best light. They may even walk through your property, and provide a detailed list of things that you can do to present it better to would-be buyers.

So if most real estate sales agents in Sydney do this, how do you choose between one real estate sales agent and another?

A common trap that property owners fall into is choosing the real estate sales agent who says they can achieve the highest price for their property. Now we know that all property owners want to achieve the highest price possible – who wouldn’t? But the fact is, the way to achieve great prices is to understand the real estate market so well that it’s actually priced right to start with.

We don’t focus on trying to have buyers pay more than a property’s worth. We think a real estate sales plan must include the following steps:

  1. Understanding what the property’s worth
  2. Presenting it in the best possible light (visually and in conversation)
  3. Attracting potential property buyers (because it really is a numbers game)
  4. Nurturing relationships with the people who really want to buy
  5. Negotiating the sale at the end of the campaign

And it’s on the first and last points that the good real estate sales agents in Sydney — and we at Exchange Property count ourselves here – stand out from the crowd. We help you determine the right price of your property , and we are great price negotiators. Now to find out more about how to market property with our five-step sales plan, download our free Sydney Real Estate Sales Guide.

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