Tips & Strategies on Selling Properties


Make a great impression

Sydney's inner west is highly competitive when it comes to marketing residential and commercial property. From the moment a prospective buyer arrives outside your property, they will be comparing your property against others on the market and making decisions – it’s up to you to make their first impression a lasting one.

Clean and Tidy: 
  • Clean up the front of your property 
  • Tidy the garden and prune trees 
  • Water blast tiles and pavers to eliminate mould and mildew 
  • Make sure the property number is clearly visible 
  • Ensure the property is immaculately clean inside 
  • Make sure it smells fresh, warm and inviting.   

De-cluttering your property will make it appear larger – it will become easier for potential buyers to see how they could make it their own.

  • Send excess furniture and items to storage 
  • Tidy personal photos away so that prospects can easily imagine themselves living in the home  
  • Remove the television to make the most of the living space 
  • Consider a stylist. A stylist will suggest where furniture should be placed for maximum effect and if necessary, rent furniture to show the home at its greatest potential. This can be particularly beneficial when selling a home that is vacant.

Strategies to Avoid

Inexperienced agents can be inclined to over-value a property when influenced by a vendor’s expectations. At Exchange Property we take a realistic approach to assessing the value of property. We will consult the latest Australian Property Monitors report for information about housing prices of a similar size within your area. This data will be combined with our up-to-date market knowledge and consideration of your expectations before we recommend the most appropriate pricing strategy to attract buyers.

To assist buyers in the decision making process, we also provide a list of comparable sales in the area.

Holding out on a bid:
Clients should be prepared to agree to a sale ahead of auction if the price offered is within the expected range. It is important to realise that over a four-week campaign a buyer who puts in an early bid that is rejected can lose interest and go elsewhere